TuesdayWell-being on Zoom 10-30am-11:30 mindfulness, relaxation, visualization meditation and discussion, with Hannah
ThursdayArt on Zoom 11:15 am-12 , with Hannah, includes an emailed project, learning about artists and techniques and developing confidence in your own individual style.
Music 4:30-5:30 pm Creating and expressing yourself, learning new songs and experimenting with percussion and sound with Bernard from Multistory.

New projects are happening all the time in addition to our regular groups (see projects page for more details) .We have connection with a group for adults with disabilities in New York and sometimes share workshops. We also have bespoke parties.

If you are new to Zoom, we can support you to learn about how to join in with a group.

All groups are small and friendly run by qualified practitioners, experienced in working with people with disabilities.

If you are new to Zoom we can help you to get started. Please get in touch to find out more about specific groups.

Groups are subsidised by funding and are run for donations, the recommended donation is £10 per session. We have some free places if the cost would stop you coming.