Dawn decorating the Easter Tree last year, (with her beautiful hand made crochet on the tree behind).

Dawn Fuller was one of the founder members of the Oyster Project when it started about 20 years ago. When we created Well-being Tree as a way to keep the groups going for its members, I felt that Dawn would make a great director for the team, as she had always been a very warm and caring person within the groups, someone that members felt that they could go to for support and (I hope you won’t mind me saying this Dawn) many people saw her as a ‘mother hen’.

She gladly accepted the new role, as it was something that she had always wanted to do. As well as the usual roles of attending meetings and helping us to develop the organisation, she also volunteered to lead the ‘Tea and Knit’ group , welcoming people to connect and chat over a cup of tea on Zoom, whilst doing some knitting, crochet, or other craft, or showing others their creations. But I think her most important role was as Random Acts of Kindness Officer; for this she went above and beyond; as well as making cards for birthdays and helping to organise birthday parties, she make and bought gifts for people to cheer them up, (this all came out of her own pocket, as she refused to take any money from our donations for this). Dawn is a very talented crochet maker and has crocheted me some beautiful headbands and a glasses case, she even crocheted a huge warm blanket in beautiful colours for one of our members to keep her cosy.

Her warm heart is big enough to care about all of our members and I know that everyone thinks fondly of Dawn. I have had lots of lovely messages of appreciation and well wishing for her.

Unfortunately due to her health problems over the last year she now feels unable to fulfill her role as director. Although we will all miss her as director, I’m glad that she will still be coming to some outdoor meet ups and I think that we are all pleased that she is taking time to look after herself and rest more now, so that her health can improve.

Thank you for everything Dawn from all of us!